Real broadband offerings across NA

What AT&T doesn't want you to know.

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Fibre speeds and prices as of March 2013.

We are interested in more providers that offer 100Mbps/100Mbps at under 100$/mo.
Non-symmetric upload speeds below 10Mbps are not acceptable.
Bandwidth caps below 1TB/mo are likewise not acceptable.

Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS

Google Fiber

Chattanooga, TN

EPB Fiber

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Bell


Utopia, many service providers all across Utah

Sebastopol, CA (with definitive and ongoing plans to bring to the same service to San Francisco, CA)

Santa Clara, CA and overall Bay Area, Northern California
also d/b/a

Has affordable Static IP support, still old pricing on some pages, exact served areas are unknown, but include some (but not all) Pulte Homes and several neighbourhoods in Emeryville (Alameda County) through a partnership with City of Emeryville and/or Emeryville Chamber of Commerce and Emeryville Property Owners Association. Also claims of coverage in Oakland, Brentwood (Contra Costa County), Sunnyvale, Mountain View and San Jose, in addition to Santa Clara, where the company is located.

/27 (32 IPs) for 20$; /28 (16) for 15; /29 (8) for 10; /30 (4; 1 usable) 5.

Burlington, VT

Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls Utilities —

Minneapolis, MN

US Internet .com

Monticello, MN

Monticello Fiber / Fibernet Monticello

More info on MiniNetworks.

Verizon FiOS

Sample unbundled prices for a 2-yr commitment.


All around Sacramento, CA, Roseville, CA, and the neighbouring area (cannot check the prices without an address).
Sample prices below are exclusively for residential connections!
Business customers are only offered a "lightling fast" asymmetrical 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up, yes, through a fibre-optic connection! Most ADSL2+ providers offer speeds faster than that!

Lafayette, LA

LUS Fiber

Wilson, NC

Salisbury, NC


Bristol, VA

(totally broken web-site; entirely bogus with JS off)

Lincoln?, CA / Greenfield Communications

GREEN-155@ARIN, and others. To see sample prices, enter ZIP Code 95648 (as per whois).

Fibre that makes you laugh! LOL

To qualify into this list, the provider must employ fibre, yet offer the same (or slower) speeds over fibre as what would have been offered over xDSL.

AT&T U-verse FTTP The 1.5Mbps is the highest upload speed that AT&T will ever provision over FTTU, where the BPON connection itself, over which the service is delivered, has 622Mbps downstream and 155Mbps upstream, which is shared with at most 32 users, and has full overprovisioning support (i.e. that's how Verizon can provision 50/20 over essentially the same technology).

Unclear offerings

Now up to 175Mbps download and upload, but still with 300GB usage cap. In the past, it was 25/7.0 mixed network w/ FTTN DSL and FTTP; extra bonus for ridiculous caps; offered in major cities in Ontario and Quebec.

Copper which is faster than AT&T fibre.

To qualify, the provider must offer uncapped ADSL2/VDSL2, with the option of pair bonding, or competitive VDSL2. Fusion


Not fibre, but uber fast.

Webpass uses wireless-to-the-building model, so YMMV. Some users report outages, but mostly positive reviews.

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